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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for "Confetti" by Dominar Films!

Motherfucker "Confetti"

RELEASE DATE: July 30, 2015

The only introduction Motherfucker (Athens, GA) and their album Confetti need is the kind that includes access to your stereo and roughly half an hour of your time. Forget the headphones. Don't bother to roll the windows down. Leave the doors wide open.

They formed initially as a scheme to play a local festival with the concept of an unknown and outrageously confident band that would only play once. So, claiming the wildly abrasive name, Erika Rickson (drums), Erica Strout (guitar), and Mandy Branch (bass) quickly assembled a set of what they called “punch-in-the-air” rock. Then, after that initial audience was fully whelmed and subsequent bookings came at a ridiculously frenzied pace, they went whole hog into owning it fully. And good thing for us they did because it's a damn rare thing these days for a band to have a name on the outside of a record that equals the shock and awe of what's inside.

Although Confetti certainly has that new record smell to it, it's still a slippery thing. Try to pin it to a hardcore tradition and you'll fail instantly. Neither is it nailed to the surly Chicago school of 1990s rock to which the band has been compared so many times. What's ultimately distilled here is the work of three individuals who have sweated through multiple bands over the last 15 years until they finally got fed up to the point of blast time.


released July 30, 2015

All songs written and performed by Motherfucker.
Recorded by Joel Hatstat in Athens, GA
Mastered by Shelly Stephens at Chicago Mastering Service

Photos by Mike White
Layout by Matt Cherry



all rights reserved


Motherfucker Athens, Georgia

Motherfucker is "punch-in-the-air" rock from Athens,GA.

Erica- Guitar/Vox


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Track Name: I'm Fucking Dick Dale
When the bomb drops, I will aim for you
When the dust settles, I will come for you
When I hit you, you won't know what to do
When I catch you, you won't know what hit you

Not on my watch!
Not on my time!
Not on my watch!
Not on my life!
Track Name: Methwitches
Where did you come from?
Come on, tell me where did you go?
And who did you leave behind?
Come on, tell me where did you go?

You wandered in here
Tell me, who sent you?
You've got me swinging blind
If they didn't, tell me how you knew


Who are you, dear?
Tell me, have they threatened you?
Tell me who they are,
And tell me where you're going to.

You can't come in here
You can't stay and watch the show
You can't sit in my chair
Honey, you have to go
Track Name: Wild Cherry Nightmare
We will load our guns to the setting sun
Dress all in black, put our war paint on
For the sneak attack, creep up at your back
Hands in the air, we'll give the safe a crack

What we steal is what we get
We drink the very best
Destruction in our wake
We always get away

We will have our share, destroy what's left there
We will have our way, leave you in a scare
For the great escape, with our guns ablaze
Our pockets full, we're gonna lay down waste
Track Name: I Want The F
They will not get what we intend
Sentenced to death if we offend

But I want the F!

Guillotine death in a pretty dress
Guillotine death, don't lose your head

We will not get a second chance
Sentenced to death, let them eat cake

But I want the F!

Guillotine death in a pretty dress
Guillotine death, you'll lose your head
Track Name: Carl Sagan's Ghost
Do you have scientific evidence of God, of one above?
Do you believe in truth and faith and mutual exclusion of?
Do you believe the stars would rise and set if not for us alone?
Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.

It's science!
It's science!
It's science!
Track Name: Good Time
We come in through your window at night
Red glowing eyes, looking for a sign of life
We're stepping off the train tonight
Switchblade in hand searching for a sign of life

You don't need to have a brain to have a good time
So tonight I know, we'll have a great one

We're stepping off the train in your town
Soon we will be in your house
Big blade gonna take your skin down
We're going to see you inside out
Track Name: Confetti (In Your Fucking Face)
You just want something to cry about
A little something to turn you out
You think I will but I won't make a sound
You just want something to cry about

I explode! Get down
No one cares how you feel!
Your problem isn't real

I explode! It's party time!
And as the colors rain down
You've got a real problem now

You just want one more reason to cry
A little tear to gather in your eye
You want me to but I won't ask you why
You just want something to cry about
Track Name: Nobody Leave This Place Without Singin' The Blues
You don't know where your eyes should go
You don't know where the night will go
And you can't hide

Go find some confidence and make your move
Go buy some confidence if you have to

This is how we disconnect
This is how we redirect
Track Name: ZANG!
You've got my head in a vice
I do not need your advice